Poems and Essays

The collection "The Fragility of Moments" by the German author Doerthe Huth is filled with mindful ovbservations and encouraging thoughts. Reading and writing poetry can be a helpful resource to activate the imagination and liberate the soul. This book is an invitation to reflect on the outside and the inside world. It offers a break in the midst of everyday life, in which the reader can take a mindful look at himself and the world that surrounds us.

The poems provide a wide range of themes about nature, woods, mindfulness, good wishes, and our roots. They are accompanied by essays about personal experiences and some lyrical images. Captured are moments that need attention. Whether it's a moment of sadness, injustice, or happiness, they all find a voice in this collection.

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Selected poems

thin pancakes 

while we live into the day and forget 

that the earth has been 

a cold planet for a long time 

you say: bake me thin pancakes 

like mom always did - 

there were always 25 

you add 

for a moment I envy your mother's recipe 

the golden eggs from your grandmother's hen house 

and the taste of that past 

couldn´t you have asked for it earlier? 

now she has forgotten the recipe 

as well as most of her life 

only remain my pancakes 

8 for everyone is more than enough 

and suddenly you say: 

I can see the heathland in front of me and 

smell the scent of summer on mom’s apron 

all together with the others 

for a blink of an eye I'm excluded again 

but yet the moment belongs only to us 

with the dishes I wash 

the scent of childhood through the spout 

and see you through my first eyes 

next week I'm going to bake pancakes again 

before the recipe erases from my memories 

Doerthe Huth


This poem was published to a exhibition „picture / text“ at the library Bielefeld / Germany in 2016 in cooperation with the German writers association. 

Home: Twowaterland 



The moon lifts its trail of light over the roofs 

Church towers are reflected in puddles, whose 

Shadows draw a cross on people's foreheads 

The moment is free from old wounds while 

In the museum the time-witnesses lament behind glass 



Birds of passage cut swathes into the horizon 

The wind drives sailplanes through the sea of ​​clouds, which 

rain pours rich harvest over the fields 

The forest rises from the haze of time while 

The fox is on a foray 



A glowing red sun falls behind the edge of the dike 

Ships have long dragged themselves through the locks, whose 

people anchor in a safe haven 

The fishes breathe unimpressed the night 

my river dips right into the heart 

Doerthe Huth


This poem was published in a city-book by a local city association in Dorsten/ Germany in 2017.